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Nature Trail


The “huts” (big houses) Cannevié Porticino and are linked by a nature trail through the valley and allows, thanks to the presence of sheds (suitable for disabled), the observation of birds. The path is open all year round outside the late spring, when it is closed to limit the disturbance to birdlife nesting.


Landscape bond pursuant to Law 1497/1939 and environmental constraint under Law 431/85. On this site Law 1089/39 identifies the “Tower of Flywheel” (Tower of Finance). These three provisions are grouped together and repealed by Decree 490/1999 currently in force.

It is part of the Oasis Wildlife Protection called “Foce Cannevié-Volano” (377 ha) under the Del. Č.p. 295/10011 of 01.08.1979 and subsequent amendments.

The site is included in the perimeter of the Po Delta Park, pursuant to LR 27/1988 and the Territorial Plans Station Volano-Mesola-Goro 1991 and 1997: Zone B (field B.SMT).

Ramsar area called “Bertuzzi and neighboring lakes”, established under DM July 13, 1981 (no. 203 G.U. of 07/25/81).

SPA (IT4060004) under DIR 79/409 EEC (2570 ha) and SIC (IT4060004) under the DIR 92/43/EEC (2570 ha), known as “Valle Bertuzzi, Valle Porticino-Cannevié;.