• Canneviè 1905
    The charm of history
  • Canneviè 1935
    The solemn approach to the harvest
  • Canneviè 1935
    Peaches, life and a lot of energy
  • Canneviè 1936
    The abundance
  • The eel
    How do we
  • Canneviè 1957
    Last act in black and white
  • Drawings in the wate
    The slow rippling water
  • One step after the story
    Land and water
  • Welcome to the Hotel Rural Canneviè
    The breath of nature and tradition
  • The flavor of the architecture
    To the south with typical fireplace soaring
  • Rurality, light and heat
    The pleasure of experiencing nature from the inside
  • .......breakfast
    the details that make the difference
  • Cakes and bread made by us
    A good day starts in the morning
  • First rays of light
    Wrapped in a magical atmosphere
  • Birdwatching in the oasis
    You seem to fly
  • Only half
    Pluff ... ..cerchi concentric
  • Restaurant Canneviè
    Let groped by our dishes
  • Creativity from the start
    In the hands of a great chef
  • Dream wedding
    A romantic setting for your reception
  • Takeoff pink
    Where do you go?
  • Black and white
    Its beak upwards
  • By bike
    With the breeze in your hair
  • Races, sprays and splashes
    The lightness of nature
  • Environment
    The sense of depth
  • By boat
    In silence lulled by the rhythm of the water
  • Reed solitary
    The way of the reeds, the origin of the name
  • The typical finds space
    Perle taste of an ancient territory
  • The lavoriero
    Original trap for catching eels

Hotel Rural Cannevié

The Hotel Rural Canneviè is located in the south of the Po delta, near the Forest of Mesola, Goro, Gorino and Comacchio, amidst the beautiful nature of the mouth of the Po. The typical hotel is a good accommodation for lovers of nature who like to spend a holiday in the open. Staying at our farm means returning to appreciate the taste of an ancient tradition of the valley and never dormant. The taste for slow times, the colors stolen from the surrounding nature, the quiet industrious, for the solid architecture, the furnishings of ancient rural memory, for large chimneys.
Sleeping in the pristine silence and rediscover the pleasure of losing at least one night track of time. The Hotel Rural Cannevié has 17 rooms, all carefully restored and furnished, comfortable and equipped with shower, hairdryer, telephone, television, heating, air conditioning, free WiFi. Guests also a large and convenient parking.


Restaurant converted from an old structure (tabarra) that was used in the construction and repair of fishing nets and boats. The rural architecture accompanied by dishes prepared with typical products of the Po Delta, make this restaurant very interesting. The grilled fish dishes are the masters of the kitchen along with fantastic combinations with homemade pastas, appetizers, desserts. There are also meat dishes served with vegetables typical of our territory.